Spring 2020
Your Goal is to Pass the Adobe Certified Associate Exam
Assignment: Various Due Dates Throughout the Semester
ALL ADOBE LEARNERS - CLICK HERE for a sheet explaining an assignment that you will be responsible for no matter what software you are learning.
Week 7: March 9-13,2020
Week 6: March 2-6,2020
Week 5: February 24-28,2020
Finish Project 2 by Friday, Feb. 28. Turn-in your completed work.
Theme Project due Friday: "Things Found Under Car Seats". Remember to make your document the correct size and export it as a .png file!
Week 4: February 18-21,2020
Get to work on project 2 in Brain Buffet!
Week 3: February 10-13,2020
Week 2: February 3-7,2020
  • Brain Buffet Project 1 is due Monday, February 10.
    Turn-in your journal using the Bear button on the left. Do not share your journal- I have ways of knowing.
  • You should have complete Project 1 on Brain Buffet OR you should have finished the Jason Hoppe video (below).
  • Don't forget to turn-in the 1st THEME PROJECT: "in Fifty Years" - Follow the directions!
DUE Friday, February 14th: Valentine's Day Card
This can be a valentine to the world, to an animal, to anything you like. Contact Ms. Durkin for some great Brushes & Valentine's art.
Technical requirements: 400x400 pixels (phone size), 96ppi (if using Photoshop), file name= YourFullName.png
Week 1: January 27-31,2020
For the first part of this course we are going to do somethings a little different than I have done in the past. Give it a month and then I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! There are many different ways to learn software, and I need to know what works best for you! BUT TRY IT MY WAY FIRST!
  • Watch this video below from one of the greatest. (It's 90 minutes long- it will take you 3 class periods)
  • 100 pts.: Turn-in all of your work using the bear button above (.zip it first)
Watch this video. This guy is THE MASTER
  • 100 pts.:Go to Jason Hoppe's site HERE and choose something to build. Some are easier than others. Just GO SLOW and follow EVERY direction CAREFULLY.