Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!
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Your Goal is to Pass the Adobe Certified Associate Exam
Confidence is critical in the creative industry, and certifications are the key to confidence.
This is the best thing you can do for yourself.
Jobs are Tight. Competition for good, creative jobs is tight. Having certification puts you ahead of all other entry-level design applicants. An ACA certification can make the difference between getting a great job or settling for something less.

Do it NOW and save Big $$$
. If you get your ACA certification in this class, it won't cost you a thing. If you wait for after high school, you will need to pay for the cost of a course (~$500.00) plus the cost of a practice exam (~$45.00) PLUS the cost of the ACA test (~$70.00). If you certify in this class, will also earn college credit for Photoshop and Illustrator - another way to help you save money.

If you like creating media on the computer, get certified. Here is a link to the basic information about certification. It's really, really worth it. CHECK THIS OUT. Here's another link that will help you realize what a big deal this is.
You can also earn an Adobe Certified Associate Specialist certificate
You CAN get certified - just concentrate on one application at a time. Commit to 3+ semesters of class and you can do this!
More and more, careers in top creative industries require mastery of more than one Adobe Creative Cloud tool. That's why there is now the ACA Specialist certificate. Earning a Specialist certificate allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise with the most common skills required for a specific industry. Demonstrate Adobe cross platform expertise - which will really help you get a job.

Adobe Certified Associate Visual Design Specialist
Complete your ACA certification in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign within three years to earn this specialist certificate.

Adobe Certified Associate Video Design Specialist
Complete your ACA certification in Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects within three years to earn this specialist certificate.Adobe Certified

Associate Web Design Specialist

Complete your ACA certification in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Animate within three years to earn this specialist certificate.
The following Calendar contains information and assignments that are applicable to ALL Media Design students at BHHS.
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On Multi-tasking

People like to think they can multitask, but the brain actually can focus on just one thing at a time. When people switch between tasks, their brains can't keep up with everything. So there will be a delay as their attention moves from one task to another. Someone who is listening to one person talk, for instance, can't also listen to another. They can't even listen and read at the same time.
            -from https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org "Phones in the Classroom Hurt Everyone's Grades" Sep 10, 2018

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Week 1: September 4-6, 2019