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Week 4: September 23-27, 2019
I need to know what kind of video you want to shoot. You will need to develop a storyboard for that video. TALK TO ME ASAP.
Week 3: September 16-20, 2019
Start thinking about what kind of video you might want to make. During this semester you will be expected to shoot and edit 2 videos, one will be 1 minute long, the other will be
3 minutes. Talk to me about these projects! I will give you some sheets to guide you in your production.
Week 2: September 9-13, 2019
Continue watching the videos. If you need a break, take a look at the latest issue of Create Magazine. You will be amazed at what you can make with Adobe software!
Week 1: September 4-6, 2019
Need some inspiration? Click on one of these