Welcome to the Oakland High School Art Class page. This is where all assignments are posted, along with links to videos, great art web pages, and information that will help inspire you to let loose and BE CREATIVE.
Week 3: September 13-16
Check out this incredible photograph!

We're going to do one more perspective drawing and then we will move on to some different things.
Week 1: August 30-September 3
Welcome! Let's get acquainted and set the class rules
An important survey to help all of us get to know each other and make it a great year!
  1. Syllabus for this class
  2. Powerpoint Presentation
  3. FORM YOU NEED TO FILL OUT- WORTH 100 PTS. (Click on the red link below)
    CLASS MEETING - Let's get acquainted and make some class rules that work for all of us.
    Day 1: Who are You?
  4. Day 2: Art Survey
  5. DORIEN ITEN - this one is difficult! I'll do it with you.
  6. KHAN ACADEMY - Excellent SHORT lessons on the power of a positive attitude. I have taken this course myself.
    Class Code: SCQF95JW
  7. Don't want to do Khan Academy right now? Then take off your shoe and put it on the table. Draw a rough outline of it in the shape of boxes. Now, carefully and thoroughly visually analyze each curve and angle of the shoe (forget you're drawing a shoe!). Draw slowly. Try your best. You are better than you think!