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CiS High School Tools
These are the tools you personalize to get the most from your high school experience—and to remember all that you accomplished.

Education Plan/Career Plan: Career Plan is about YOU. Career Plan helps you identify what’s important to you and how to make your dreams a reality. You also learn skills that will be important to your success—decision-making, goal-setting, and management.

Career-Related Learning Experiences/CRLE Plans: CRLE experiences can be part-time jobs, volunteer work, and job shadows—experiences that you learn from.

Course Planner: Create your personal course plan to map your high school and college coursework.

Senior Project/EA Project: Extended applications help you apply your skills and grow. They are often called senior projects. An extended application relates your personal, career, or educational goals to a project that you create.

Résumé Creator: Keep your résumé up to date with your most current work history and accomplishments.

Freshmen Cohort 2020-21

I am here for you and TOGETHER we will overcome the challenges!
Freshmen Cohort is designed as a class for incoming freshmen to bolster skills related to math and ELA literacy, academic vocabulary building, and college/career readiness.  Students will complete the freshmen portion of CIS portfolios as part of this class.  Additionally, students will have a check-in every Wednesday to conduct school communications, check and record grades in planners, note any missing or make-up work needed in planner, and organize personal schedules and materials.  Students are required to stay on campus during this time.  If all work is caught up, studying or silent reading is the only other option during cohort block. This is NOT a study hall class. Students will have a home base teacher for cohort and will benefit from units in 3-week units from each teacher in a wheel rotation.
Unless stated otherwise, all assignments are due at the end of the cohort period. No exceptions (other than absense) will be made.
The assignments are structured to allow plenty of time for completion within the 90-minute class period.
Week 5: Mon., Oct. 12
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to this week's report sheet
Week 2: Fri., Sept. 25
Let's do a quick JamBoard - 7 minutes.
Week 2: Wed., Sept. 23
Week 2
  • Monday, Sept 21: We will watch this video together in class
  • Tuesday, Sept 22: Gmail tips video
  • Wednesday, Sept 23: More Gmail tips video
Week 1: Wed., Sept. 16
How can we make your
online learning experience
Please contribute to this ANONYMOUS survey.
We won’t know your name - so be honest.No innappropriate stuff, please.

to give us your feedback!
Thank you.
Week 1: Wed., Sept. 16

Week 1: Tues-Wed, Sept. 14-16
It is VERY important that you complete the class surveys by
Tuesday, September 15
  • Read and Sign the Syllabus
  • Tech information that I need HERE
  • Experience information HERE
  • REALLY important (last one, I promise!): HERE
How you organize and name files is the #1 thing that you
must master no matter what kind of career!
Every designer (including me) has done what you see on a job. This unorganized way of working will cost you hours of wasted time and will totally lose respect from those who have to try and figure out your files. Form good file organization and naming habits now and it will pay well in the future.
Complete the following tasks:
I HIGHLY recomment spending some time in the G Suite Learning Center
Day 1: Friday, September 11
What is the purpose of Cohort?
What will be doing?
Grading. Make-up work/Office hours.

WARNING: If you do not complete the Freshmen portion of CiS by the end of the school year, you will NOT pass this class and you will lose a valuable credit.
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