Drawing and Art Ideas
Let loose and BE CREATIVE.
  • Communicate "Rabbits"
  • Geometric Art. Check out one of my favorites, Frank Stella
You have all done an excellent job learning the basics of micro-line drawing. Let's celebrate by doing something fun: a BEE.
Wednesday, March 9
Monday, March 7
Draw the Head of an eagle and the body of a horse wearing tennis shoes.
work by K. Cross
M: 3 cans of soda, one is open
T: Hamburger with lettuce, cheese, and tomato
W: bouquet of flowers
Th: Salmon
To get credit for this you MUST show me your screen at the end of a game.
Tuesday: Draw a Mandarin Duck
in color. Letter the words: Mandarin Duck at the bottom of your drawing.
Draw slowly and accurately. Apply color carefully.
Wednesday: Draw San Francisco
Row Houses
Thursday: Draw a Steer