Welcome to the Oakland High School Art Class page. This is where all assignments are posted, along with links to videos, great art web pages, and information that will help inspire you to let loose and BE CREATIVE.
Semester 2 - Lincoln Middle School
Week 8: Mar 28-Apr 1
  • Monday, Mar 28: Let's celebrate Spring! On an 8½x11 sheet of thick paper, express your interpretation of Spring. You may use ANY tools available.
  • Tuesday: Communicate "Rabbits"
  • Wednesday: Geometric Art. Check out one of my favorites, Frank Stella
Week 6: Mar 14-17
Thursday, March 17
You have all done an excellent job learning the basics of micro-line drawing. Let's celebrate by doing something fun: a BEE.
Week 4: Feb 28- Mar 3
Thursday, March 10
Wednesday, March 9
Tuesday, March 8
We are going to watch the short film: Rainbow War
Monday, March 7
Draw the Head of an eagle and the body of a horse wearing tennis shoes.
work by K. Cross
Week 4: Feb 28- Mar 3
Thursday, March 3
Wednesday, March 2
Tuesday, March 1
Monday, February 28
Week 4: Feb 22-25
Thursday: These are everywhere in the mountains of Oregon.
Draw 3 faces
Slow down.
It must be accurate!
Tuesday: Draw an
Apache Helicopter
Week 3: Feb 14-17
M: 3 cans of soda, one is open
T: Hamburger with lettuce, cheese, and tomato
W: bouquet of flowers
Th: Salmon
To get credit for this you MUST show me your screen at the end of a game.
Tuesday: Draw a Mandarin Duck
in color. Letter the words: Mandarin Duck at the bottom of your drawing.
Draw slowly and accurately. Apply color carefully.
Wednesday: Draw San Francisco
Row Houses
Thursday: Draw a Steer
Week 1: Jan 31-Feb 3
M: Flight
T: Elf
W: Stairs
Th: One Snake & two cats