Do You Want to Be a Better Designer? Watch These.

Elements of Art
Principles of Design
The Element of Color
The Element of Line
The Element of Shape
The Element of Form
Adobe YouTube Channel
How to make puddles and reflections in Photoshop
Adobe MAX 2018 Sessions- Excellent
How to remove edge frindge in Photoshop
How to change color of something instantly
Paul Trani: Use This Trick to Remove Any Background in Photoshop (CUT OUT HAIR)
5 Secret Cutout & Selection Tips in Photoshop   8:47
Professional Hair Masking Technique 2:55
Frequency Separation Beauty Retouch w/ Mixer Brush
How to CUT OUT IMPOSSIBLE images in Photoshop
Colin Smith from Photoshop Cafe - one of my favorite guys
The Best Way to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop
Common Mistakes by Non Designers 10:00
3 Things a Designer must NEVER Do
5 Mistakes to Avoid in Photoshop:
Intermediate Level
10 Things Photoshop Users Want to Know
This is an hour-long video for intermediate Photoshop users. I watch videos like this
EVERY night.