Do You Want to Be a Better Designer? Watch These.

Elements of Art
Principles of Design
The Element of Color
The Element of Line
The Element of Shape
The Element of Form
Paul Trani: Use This Trick to Remove Any Background in Photoshop (CUT OUT HAIR)
5 Secret Cutout & Selection Tips in Photoshop   8:47
Adobe YouTube Channel
Adobe MAX 2018 Sessions- Excellent
Professional Hair Masking Technique 2:55
Frequency Separation Beauty Retouch w/ Mixer Brush
How to CUT OUT IMPOSSIBLE images in Photoshop
Colin Smith from Photoshop Cafe - one of my favorite guys
The Best Way to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop
Common Mistakes by Non Designers 10:00
3 Things a Designer must NEVER Do
5 Mistakes to Avoid in Photoshop:
Intermediate Level
10 Things Photoshop Users Want to Know
This is an hour-long video for intermediate Photoshop users. I watch videos like this
EVERY night.