2018-19 School Year
Your Goal is to Pass the Adobe Certified Associate Exam
Confidence is critical in the creative industry, and certifications are the key to confidence.
This is the best thing you can do for yourself.
Jobs are Tight. Competition for good, creative jobs is tight. Having certification puts you ahead of all other entry-level design applicants. An ACA certification can make the difference between getting a great job or settling for something less.

Do it NOW and save Big $$$
. If you get your ACA certification in this class, it won't cost you a thing. If you wait for after high school, you will need to pay for the cost of a course (~$500.00) plus the cost of a practice exam (~$45.00) PLUS the cost of the ACA test (~$70.00). If you certify in this class, will also earn college credit for Photoshop and Illustrator - another way to help you save money.

If you like creating media on the computer, get certified. Here is a link to the basic information about certification. It's really, really worth it. CHECK THIS OUT. Here's another link that will help you realize what a big deal this is.
You can also earn an Adobe Certified Associate Specialist certificate
You CAN get certified - just concentrate on one application at a time. Commit to 3+ semesters of class and you can do this!
More and more, careers in top creative industries require mastery of more than one Adobe Creative Cloud tool. That's why there is now the ACA Specialist certificate. Earning a Specialist certificate allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise with the most common skills required for a specific industry. Demonstrate Adobe cross platform expertise - which will really help you get a job.

Adobe Certified Associate Visual Design Specialist
Complete your ACA certification in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign within three years to earn this specialist certificate.

Adobe Certified Associate Video Design Specialist
Complete your ACA certification in Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects within three years to earn this specialist certificate.Adobe Certified

Associate Web Design Specialist

Complete your ACA certification in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Animate within three years to earn this specialist certificate.
Cool .gif created by Zack Cabrera using Animate.
The following Calendar is applicable to ALL Media Design students at BHHS. For specific programs of study click on a software icon above.

Week 18: May 28- June 12 FINAL - worth 200 points.
Due Wed., June 12       Seniors: Due Thurs. June 6
Read the instructions below thoroughly before starting.
Do your final project in the program that you studied this semester. If you studied Illustrator, use Illustrator, etc. This assignment is actually a fairly typical request from a client, so take it seriously. Do NOT RUSH through the project. This culminating project is a demonstration of your range of abilities in the Adobe program you studied this semester.
Using only ALL 5 of the colors below, you are going to create something amazing.
You are going to do this without any assistance from me or anyone as this is a FINAL EXAM. Read the directions below carefully.
I don't understand why, but everyone seems to need a theme, so be it:
  • Step 1: Create a New File, 1650 pixels x 2100 pixels, 150ppi.
  • Step 2: Create the color swatches. (Make certain you are in RGB mode.) Use the RGB values below to get accurate swatches. Your color swatches must match these exactly.
  • Your design must contain ONLY these colors, plus black and white. If you are using a photo, colorize it. Don't know how? Look it up! Check-out this VIDEO
  • Hint: Have a message that you want to communicate. Content may contain any combination of type, graphics, textures, shapes, & photos. NO violence, no nudity, racism, politics, or memes. Really put some time and effort into this. It is obvious when computer work is rushed - and you will be scored accordingly. Use quality graphics, textures, and photos. Go to this page for links to quality, legal images sites.
  • Hint: Use Layers and play with opacity of layers
  • Hint: Use Blending Modes. Use Filters.
  • Hint: Use different size brushes and different brush settings. Play with some of the unusual brushes
  • Hint: Use parts of photos, drawings, objects, type
  • Turn-in your project by EMAILING ME with YourFullName as the name of the file. For Photoshop users, .psd format ONLY with the layers intact. Do NOT flatten the layers. Make certain that your layers are properly labeled. For all other programs, turn-in your project in the program's native file format.
  • The scoring on this assignment will be strict. READ the Rubric HERE.
These color swatches are from the Disney movie, Finding Nemo.
Week 17: May 20-24 GREEN BOY
Here's another assignment to help boost your grade. This is pretty easy and straight forward. Create something in the Adobe program of your choice that incorporates THIS IMAGE.
Final File Format=.jpg
Final image size: 8"x10", 150 ppi. File Name: YourFullName.jpg
Week 16: May 13-17 WEIGHTLESS
New project: DUE FRIDAY, JUNE 7 no exceptions
Using ALL 5 images at left, you must communicate: WEIGHTLESS. You can use parts of an image (the bottom of the iceberg, for example), but each image must be recognizable in the finished artwork (for example: you cannot use a corner of the sky from the whale tail image). EXPERIMENT. Make sketches first! Do not settle on your first solution. Push yourself to excellence.

To start: open Photoshop or Illustrator and create a new document 9"x12", 150 ppi. Name the file as: YourFullName.psd Your final image must be saved as a multi-layer .psd or .ai file.
TURN-IN your .psd file by emailing it to me.

Get the flash drive from Ms. Durkin to download the images

Unzip the file with the images and open them in Photoshop (or Illustrator). Copy & Paste them into your new file and label the layers.

REQUIRED: BEFORE you get on the computer, study each image for elements and colors and make as many concept sketches you can on the paper provided by Ms. Durkin. You will submit these sketches when you turn-in your completed project.

Check out the best student submissions thus far.
You should know how to make composites in Photoshop by now. Don't know how to do composites? GO HERE
AND watch the Project 6 videos in ACA Test Prep which you should have watched the last week of April!
  • Use Layers and label each layer
  • Work non-destructively, use adjustment layers and masks
  • Use transparency
  • Use selections
  • Use blending modes
  • Paint with brushes - add or subtract color
Week 15: May 6-10
ACA Certification is a MUST if you want a job in the creative industry! READ WHY. NOW is your chance to get the certification for free.
ALL Classes Project. REQUIRED. Worth 50 points. You may use the Adobe product of your choice: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Animate, or Character Builder. Your final project is due Friday, May 31 NO EXCEPTIONS.

To see some examples of what people have done, go HERE.

The theme is "When We All Fall Asleep". Where do we go when we fall asleep? Is it possible for two people to share the same dream?

Requirements for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign projects:
Canvas/Image size = 11x14 inches, 150dpi.
Week 14: April 29 - May 3
Need some extra credit? Or make-up for an assignment? CLICK HERE, follow the directions, watch the video and produce a great portrait.
Week 13: April 22-26
Do the magazine cover this week. Continue to watch ACA videos. Show me your quiz scores and projects that you produce during the video.

What is your creative type? Take the Adobe Creativity Quiz HERE and find out!
Week 12: April 15-19
Completed Magazine Cover Due April 30th - no exceptions.
You should have watched Photoshop Unit 3 (the rock concert poster) and done the exercise by now. If not, watch it before you attempt this graphic design exercise.
You are going to design a magazine cover for a magazine that is all about you!
The size of the cover is 9x12 inches, 150ppi. File name= YourFullName.jpg   
WATCH THE VIDEO, sketch ideas, collect images that represent your interests, do a Google search and look at magazine cover designs.
Then go into Photoshop- Here's one cool idea to add effects to your portrait. USE LAYERS and create something that looks like a real magazine cover: add fake article names (of things that relate to you), Puplication Date, etc.
You MUST turn-in you sketches to me to receive a grade.
Completed Magazine Cover Due April 30th - no exceptions.
Worth 50 Points. ASK FOR HELP if you need it!

STUDY the magazine covers (Google Search) and make sketches! (REQUIRED).
Step 2:
Have someone take several photos of you with your cell phone and email yourself the best one. Take out the background so that you can add something creative.
Step 3: Add elements, text and titles to make it look like a real magazine cover. Use Layers!
Step 4: Let it sit for a day or two and revisit it - you should see some revisions that will improve your final design. When you are satisfied with your design, turn it in using the bear button at the top right of this page. DO NOT FLATTEN LAYERS.
Week 11: April 8-12     Start of 4th Quarter
ALL CLASSES: I want this to be a class that you look forward to. I WANT YOUR HONEST OPINION. Please fill out my latest SURVEY. It is totally anonymous - there is no way that I can track who filled it out.

UPDATE on the Tony Hawk Skateboard Deck Contest
Week 10: April 1-5
Quickly optimize an image for social media with just a few clicks in Photoshop:
New Adobe Creative Challenge Contest. Win an Intuos Tablet. Check it out HERE.
Deadline is Tuesday, April 9th. Need Extra Credit? This is the way to get it.
Let your imagination fly!
Week 9: Mar 25-29
S-P-R-I-N-G   B-R-E-A-K
Week 8: Mar 20-22
ALL CLASSES: Wednesday and Thursday demos: How to do photo touch-up properly. WAIT until the demonstration to do the project. BEFORE the demonstration, Click on the photo of the woman. When it opens, right-click and save the file as: YourFullName.jpg. PAY ATTENTION to the demonstration and then open up the image in Photoshop and tune-up the photo. When you are done with her, select ONE of the two other portraits below and fix them. 2 photos, two different grades!
Get Certified! Don't pass up this opportunity!
Week 7: Friday, Mar 15   
Watch what you post online! It can come back to bite you.
How can information you post on the Internet affect your future opportunities? CLICK HERE TO DO A GRADED ACTIVITY.
Week 7: Mar 11-15  
Continue watching the ACA Test Prep Videos. L-E-A-R-N
You should be working on Unit 3 by now.
Week 6: Mar 4-8
  • Adobe Spark is still not up and running properly, so please go back and watch a couple of videos on ACA Test Prep, and do the quizzes and the projects and show me your screen with them.
Go to Adobe Portfolio and register. Start uploading everything you create digitally into your portfolio. Share your portfolio address with Ms. Durkin, because this will be 25% of your grade.
Week 5: Feb 25- March 1
Happy Birthday Jamerson!
Week 4: Feb 19-22
You MUST create a New Folder in the "Documents" folder and give it a name you will remember. (I suggest that you do not name the folder with your name, because someone might purposely sabotage your files.) Transfer ALL of your files into that folder and use this folder from now on to store ALL of your files.
FILES NOT IN FOLDERS will be wiped off the system on Friday., February 22. Yikes!
Week 3: Feb 11-15
Into Twitter? Check out @AdobeStudents
click on the photo below to see some amazing work by Korean artist, Soo Min Kim.
Go to Adobe Portfolio and register. Start uploading everything you create digitally into your portfolio. Share your portfolio address with Ms. Durkin, because this will be 25% of your grade.
Want to share an album from Lightroom to Portfolio? Click HERE for directions.
Click on the button below - Mobile Apps are FREE.
Week 2: Feb 4-7
Into Cars? Check out what Photoshop Artists
are doing by clicking on the photo below.
Friday, February 1st at 6:30 pm:
Heavy, but interesting information on our electronic devices.
Monday, February 4th is the start of Chinese New Years! Year of the Pig. Fireworks day and night for 3 weeks. Special family time. Family get-togethers and inspiring ceremonies. An aside: Check out this video of radical fireworks about three miles from where I lived in Taiwan.
Tues., Jan. 29 at 8:00 pm:
This is the sort of possibilities that large digital-world corporations offer:

Start thinking about a career in the digital creativity industry.

Mon., Jan. 28 at 7:00 pm:
2 Year Plan: Learn Photoshop and then, Adobe Animate and join this lucrative, creative world:
Go HERE to see some amazine examples of Art created with Adobe Animate. It's all created with a difficult program to learn, Adobe Animate.
You can get to this level. Just put your mind to it. I will support you in whatever way I can.
You are going to save EVERYTHING that you create this semester in a portfolio. Sign up for an free account at Adobe Portfolio.

Watch this Tutorial on how to build a site on Portfolio.
No soda or chips of any kind in the lab
Award-winning SHORT video