Digital Media
Spring Semester 2022
Week 1
Day 1: Jan 31
Your first assignment - worth 100 points
  • Computer Experience Survey HERE
  • About You Form HERE
  • Last Survey, I promise HERE
Day 2: Feb 1
  1. 50 pts. Daily WarmUp/Bell Work: What Creative Type are you? Take the test HERE and find out! Read about the other creative types HERE
  2. Let's get acquainted and make some class rules that work for all of us.
Day 3&4: Feb 2-3
  1. 50 pts. Daily Warmup/Bellwork: Using a drawing or painting app on your cell phone, create something in response to: OVERGROWN

  2. Adobe
  3. 200 pts. "Intro to You" is a 2-4 day project.  You are going to use the photo that I took of you on the first day of class. This isn't as hard as you might think. Do not hesitate to ASK ME FOR HELP. Creative Identity Challenge instructions HERE
  4. "Intro to You"
    EXAMPLE at left