ACA Test Prep Site
Week 4: February 19-22
Keep chugging along. Show me your work! Have a zany idea for something you would like to produce in Animate? Tell me about it!
Week 3: February 11-15
Start working on project: Animated Logo by watching the videos. Be certain to turn-in all work that you produce for a grade.
Week 2: February 4-7
Watch the Animate Intro series of videos: 1.01-1.07.
Week 1: January 28 - February 1, 2019
This semester you will be learning how to efficiently and effectively use the Adobe software, Animate.

Start by going here. This is what is possible with Adobe Animate. Pretty cool, eh?

You are responsible for your learning. You will be watching training videos made by the best in the business: ACA Test Prep by Brainbuffet Elite (click on the red, circlular logo at the top of the page). From the videos you will create Animate projects that will further cement your learning of this complex software.

There will also be other projects on this website that you should do - indicated by the "FOR A GRADE" symbol. There will be a final exam (taken from the ACA Practice Quiz questions) and a culminating project at the end of the semester.
You are going to save EVERYTHING that you create this semester in a portfolio. Sign up for an free account on Adobe Portfolio

Tutorial on how to build a site on Adobe Portfolio.
Watch the Animate Intro series of videos: 1.01-1.07.