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Week 4: February 19-22
Be certain to turn-in ALL work that you do for a grade.
Week 3: February 11-15
Be certain to turn-in ALL work that you do for a grade.
Week 2: February 4-7
Check out the links on the right for more videos and tips for building your first character. Check out this YouTube Channel for some great videos.
Week 1: January 28 - February 1, 2019
This semester you will be learning how to efficiently and effectively use the Adobe software, Character Animator.

You are responsible for your learning. From the videos you will create projects that will further cement your learning of this complex software.

There will also be other projects on this website that you should do - indicated by the "FOR A GRADE" symbol. There will be a final exam and a culminating project at the end of the semester.
You are going to save EVERYTHING that you create this semester in a portfolio. Sign up for an free account on Adobe Portfolio

Tutorial on how to build a site on Adobe Portfolio.
Character Animator Term Calendar
*The instructor reserves the right to alter the course calendarStudents will read and watch tutorials by Adobe at
1: Jan 28-Feb 1
2: Feb 4-8
3: Feb 11-15
4: Feb 18-22
5: Feb 25-Mar 1
6: Mar 4-8
7: Mar 11-15
8: Mar 18-22
10: Apr 8-12
- Creative, Communication & Cooperative Skills
- The Character Animator Interface
- THE source for learning & support:
- Organizing your data: Creating Folders, File formats
- Read: Character Animator Overview at:
Character Animator Intro: watch the first four videos - Creating a Basic Face, Creating eyes and eyebrows, Creating Mouth Shapes, and Creating a Basic Body at:
Start to build a character in either Photoshop or Illustrator
Continue to work on your character development.
Continue to explore tutorials and videos to build your knowledge. Read the article on Create a project with your puppet: Don’t forget to check out the Adobe Character Animator User Guide: