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About the summit
The summit will run from Sept. 28 to Oct. 7. During that time, we'll release a new video presentation every day. You'll get an email for each new video.

Watch the videos. Download PDF notes. Generate FREE certificates of completion for 1 professional development hour for each session you watch.

After the last video releases, the summit will stay open for another week. Get caught up with any videos you missed, or rewatch some!

On Oct. 14, the summit will close. At that time, all the videos, notes, certificate generators -- everything -- will become unavailable.

It's like an in-person conference: everyone is there until the conference closes. Then everyone goes home.
Creative Confidence Tool
Here is a list of items everyone in the Griswold High School Broadcast Club has a working knowledge of:     
Cue videotapes / digital recordings  
Set audio levels
 Operate the main switcher  
Ride audio levels  
Trace video cables  
Set up the chroma key
Epidemic sounds
Storyboard That!
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» How would you describe the style of the work?
» Is it fiction or nonfiction? Is it poetic? Is it a personal story?
» What are the techniques the artists used to convey their messages?
» Did they use interviews, text, performance,music, etc.?
» How is the quality of the audio and/or visuals? Are they clear?
» Is the sound at a good volume? Are there objects or sounds that are distracting?
» How do the audio and/or visuals contribute to the message and the story?
» Do you think the form and style the artist chose was the best medium for their message?

Goals. Is your project:


» Project tells a story drawn from the creator’s reality.

» Media maker communicates the emotional impact of the topic.


» Work creates empathy between audience and media maker.

» Format/Style is appropriate to the message.


» Youth present an opinion on a topic or issue from their distinct perspective.

» Work is unique to the creators (only they could have made this work).


» Work evolves through an educational/learning process with feedback and support from educators and peers.

» Project shows no evidence of adult voice or interference.


» Work is original in nature and style, not imitative of mainstream work.

» Ideas are expressed in a unique and powerful way.

» Aesthetic choices are compelling and in service to message.

Inquiry based?

» Media work illustrates a discovery process for the media maker.

» Discoveries can be personal, technical, or factual.

» Work reflects the curiosities of young people.