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Week 15: May 6-10
The Yearbook is D-O-N-E and off to the printer. Hurray!
Great Job everyone!
Weeks 10, 11, 12 13, 14: April 1- May 3
Keep chugging away! We are almost done! Check each page closely for: misspellings, wrong names, missing names, mis-alignment
Week 9: March 25-29
S-P-R-I-N-G   B-R-E-A-K
Week 8: March 18-22
Do NOT leave working on your page until the last moment! The Deadline is approaching faster than you think.
Week 7: March 11-15
  • Grade sections due: 9, 10, 11
  • Pages due: Robotics, Welding, Construction, Dividers
Week 6: March 4-8
Week 5: Feb. 25- March 1
  • Tag ALL Photos
  • Captions for all photos
  • When in doubt, ASK.
Week 4: Feb. 19-22
  • Please! Tag ALL of the photos
Week 3: Feb. 11-15
Important Production Notes:
  1. Pay attention to Head Size! Do not put a photo with tiny heads next to a photo with large heads!
  2. On the Homecoming pages, you will see several round .png images that look like they have a white background. Do not worry - that white background will not print.
  3. If all of the faces in a photo are clearly visible, you MUST add a caption with everyone's names. There should be some sort of caption under every photo.
  4. PLEASE! All photos must be tagged with everyone's name who is in the photo. See information #4 in the Feb 4-7 notes below.
  5. Layouts need white space! But only on the outside of the page. Do not fill the entire page with photos. Do not make every photo the same size.
  6. The PowderTuff page does not have any photos with enough resolution. We are going to have to do something else with that page. What to do with the Sadies page? We have no photos.
  7. Check out the pdf file of the book. I will print out the pdf so that you can better see what it will look like.
Week 2: Feb. 4-7
Wed. Feb. 6
Important Production Notes:
  1. Go to your pages, select the photos (select several at once by drawing a marquee around them, or holding down the shift key and clicking individual pics), Click on the "Options" button, then the "Frame" button, and turn the Border Off. This is vital to creating accurate photo placement on the pages.
  2. Design your page(s) from the inside border - out. Do not have trapped white space on the inside border!
  3. Use the Align Button to ensure that alignment and spacing is accurate and consistent. DO NOT TRUST YOUR EYE.
  4. You must add "tags" to EVERY photo on the page.
  • Click on a photo, and in the pop-up box, click on the "i" circle button located in the lower-right corner of the box
  • Click on the Tags icon. Enter the FULL NAMES of everyone you know in the photo. If you are having trouble, ASK your classmates. This is VERY important.
  • This is how the Index is built. Please do a thorough and accurate job of this task.
Check out this big news story that all pivots on a yearbook photo.
Pages Due on Thursday:
    Pgs 12-13 Boys Soccer
    Pgs 14-15 Girls Soccer
    Pgs 2-3 Candids
Yearbook is an intensive, deadline-driven course where students create a commercial-quality memory for the school using No experience necessary to take this course.
Welcome back to 2nd Semester. We have less than 100 days to finish the book. Please pay close attention to the requirements for this semester listed below.
  • All Yearbook members must do a "Life After School" question with a member of the BHHS student body. You must take a photo of that person with your cell-phone and email the question, reply, name of person and photo to me.
  • Every member of the yearbook staff MUST check-out a school DSLR camera and take photos at least 5 times: of at least 1 sporting event and 1 other event (dance, club meeting, assembly, etc)
  • You are responsible to take photos for your own page(s).
  • You must write a story for each of your pages.
  • DO NOT MISS YOUR DEADLINE for your pages. No excuses. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a 10% reduction in grade for each day late.
  • You MUST do your page by yourself. Two people doing the layout takes four times longer.
When placing photos in the TreeRing program,
consider the following:
  • Crop the photos so that the optimum image is showing
  • Tiny head-size is unnacceptable. Either enlarge the photo or find another.
  • Do not use clip art - never.
  • Selecting a background image is the last thing you should do- AFTER the layout is approved. Do not haphazardly place background art onto pages.
Tree Ring HELP
It's not about perfection.
It's about EFFORT.
Ask questions.
Be organized.
Do all the work.
Find a study partner.
The Ultimate Guide to
Photography Composition
Click here to download a .pdf of the Yearbook Syllabus