Yearbook is an intensive, deadline-driven course where students create a commercial-quality memory for the school using No experience necessary to take this course.
Use this Blue:
Use this Gold:
CMYK= 1,36,99,0
RGB= 251,173,25
Use this Blue:
RGB= 32,65,183
June 14, 2019
School is out for the summer. Check back in September!
When placing photos in the TreeRing program,
consider the following:
  • Crop the photos so that the optimum image is showing
  • Tiny head-size is unnacceptable. Either enlarge the photo or find another.
  • Do not use clip art - never.
  • Selecting a background image is the last thing you should do- AFTER the layout is approved. Do not haphazardly place background art onto pages.
Tree Ring HELP
It's not about perfection.
It's about EFFORT.
Ask questions.
Be organized.
Do all the work.
Find a layout partner.
The Ultimate Guide to
Photography Composition